How To Use Virtual Router

Would you use a wireless network at home for connecting to the internet? How to use virtual router? Can you know whether or not others are connecting to your wireless network? You must protect your wireless network from unauthorized users logging onto the internet through your virtual router. There are multiple ways in which to do this and by following a couple of simple rules, you may also be comfortable in the fact that your internet connection is not dangerous.

how to use virtual router

Among the biggest reasons to secure your virtual router is so you know just who is not unable to connect to your internet connection and your network. Do you bank online? If your hacker can get his cyber-foot in the door through your virtual router, he can subsequently infect any computer system on your network and steal information like credit card numbers and online banking usernames and passwords.

Let’s say you do not bank online and don’t use your computer for anything other than surfing the internet. They get just about anything and can look at, if anyone can connect to the virtual router and gain internet access. Whether this man is doing something illegal, the FBI will be knocking on your own door and not theirs because the action that is illegal came from your specific internet connection.

So how to use virtual router? The very first thing that you should do will be to enable the encryption over your wireless connection. Now there are 2 standards of encryption. WEP is a weaker encryption and for the experienced hacker is readily broken. You should check for instructions on how best to achieve this in the manual for your router that is particular. They could typically be found on the manufacturer’s website.

how to use virtual router

Another option which you can use would be to enable MAC filtering. A MAC address is like a serial number hard coded into all network devices. When MAC filtering is enabled it just enables the mac addresses of special devices for connecting to your router. Short of someone getting physical access to the router it’s exceptionally unlikely that anyone will be able to connect to your own virtual router with this option configured and enabled.

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