Mercury Slip Ring

Robotic is a type of equipment tool that do working immediately, its job to help or replace human’s job. Compared with people, robot could be more flexible and efficient at some extent. In this modern society, labor cost has actually been boosted year by year, our company believe that robotic will certainly plays an extremely important part regardless of from our daily life or manufacturing in the near future.

Mercury Slip Ring

The rotating joint of robot has actually made complex framework and bothersome installment, but we might adopt electrical mercury slip ring to recognize 360 degree with limitless turnings easily in the robotic, which via mercury slip ring to transfer power as well as signal. The circuits for robot mercury slip ring can be up to 300 rings which could transfer Ethernet, USB, encoder, thermocouple signal and so on. At the very same time, robotic mercury slip ring typically has the main feature of reduced functioning rate, maintenance totally free, much longer life time, etc, that can solve the problem of stranded cable in the robot gadget.

Asing reported in various application environment, robot mercury slip ring might be divided right into 2 groups which particularly commercial robot mercury slip ring and unique special robotic mercury slip ring. The industrial robot mercury slip ring is precisely to face robotic in the industrial application, however unique robot mercury slip ring is made use of for the various sophisticated robotics in manufacturing as well as serves to people. Including company robotic, undersea robotic, enjoyment robot, army robot, agricultural robotics, and so on

. Barlin Times could tailor special robot mercury slip ring for you as per your particular demands. If you did not locate suitable product to fulfill your demand, please do not hesitate to speak to with us, our sales technician will certainly stay connected with you timely to fix every one of your troubles.

Cord reel is likewise called cord plate or cable television winder, which has the highlights of smaller installment space, convenient maintenance, dependable performance and also affordable etc. The majority of us must know that, cord reel is utilized to replace the sliding get in touch with line as mobile transmission (power, information and fluid) in the field of mainstream solution. Additionally, cable reel is a kind tool that supply objective power, control power as well as control signal for huge mobile devices. It is commonly made use of in very heavy machinery tools application, say port cranes, container cranes, loading machine and tower cranes.

To make sure all cable television line are constantly unlimited in the cable reel, this ought to can not leave with mercury slip ring. We called it cord reel mercury slip ring, which play an extremely important factor in it. According to various installation means of mercury slip ring, maybe divided into two mercury slip ring built-in-type mercury slip ring, installed outside mercury slip ring, cantilever type mercury slip ring. One of the built-in type mercury slip ring has compact design as well as structure, also great appearance. However, placed outside mercury slip ring is easier upkeep and cantilever type mercury slip ring is suitable for coiling long and heavy cable.

According to our expert experience in the mercury slip ring field, cord reel end individual constantly used our pill mercury slip ring for 22mm, through opening design for THR-025T/ 038T/050T, mercury slip ring for A4H, A6H and A8H. Barlin Times might supply the very best ideal solution for you according to your different application with good price and also top quality. We are awaiting your speaking to.

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