Teflon Rods

Teflon Rods

The essential element that holds collectively exquisite and occasionally heavy curtains is the teflon rod. Teflon rods are made of a variety of substances and come in many different fashions. They are able to appear to a stylish window dressing as an elegant attribute, or they can seem elaborate and out-of-place if not picked with attention. You will find three primary parts to some teflon rod – brackets, finials and pole. Fabric is held by the pole, the finials cap off the ends of the post and the mounts mount the unit into a wall around a window.

Teflon rods can be fixed if they come that slide into one another. The flexible teflon rod is ideal for anyone who like to alter the look of the size of a special window or to change their window dressings often.

Finials can be very clear and simple or very elaborate – it depends on your style and taste. Finials can be made of almost any material Finials in many cases are changed to give the window dressing a marginally difference look.

The entire window dressing usually hides the mounts, so they really don’t need unless they stick out from the wall, to be decorative. This layout creates a layered look, and the mounts do play a role in the appearance. Rods should be hung according to the amount of the window. If your window is little, and you want to create an image that is taller – hang your teflon rods closer to the ceiling.

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